Dominik Kaleja Fitness

Dominik Kaleja Fitness

Avery Tarasov

I took some time to catch up with my buddy Dominik Kaleja who is an absolute shredded legend with the body of a Greek God that many strive for and never attain.  He shared with me some of his tips and philosophies for starting at the gym.

Starting at the gym can be difficult due to now knowing where to start -- Dominik recommends compound movements such as bench, deadlift, squat, and overhead press.  These movements will help gain mass. Doing a strength or power building program can help your gains, and an increase in strength equals an increase in gains. Isolation movements are also important as now that you have mass you have a better mind muscle connection and this is what builds aesthetics. Building a aesthetic physique mind muscle is vital especially in isolation movements.

Building the most aesthetic physique starts with shoulders – having 3D shoulders that pop will make you look wider and having good lats and back width also helps with creating a v taper. Having a small waist also helps but this is can only be determined by genetics. Having a symmetrical physique also helps – this includes abs as well.

A mixed of volume and intensity is key, for shoulders starting with compound movements like heavy dumbbell press or over head press working more intensity and then moving to isolation movements such as lateral raises and focusing more on volume will help with muscle gain.

He recommends the following: for back starting with heavy deadlifts and then moving into heavy rows and isolating each back muscle, for lats performing movements where your hand starts in front of you and slowly dragging you elbow as close to your side as possible this will engage the last much more, comparing it to lat pull downs.

Check out his instagram at @dominik__kaleja !=)