Elliot Loney Fitness

Elliot Loney Fitness

Avery Tarasov

I caught up with Elliot Loney the other day to hear about his experience working out during the pandemic.   This is what he had to say:

“During this covid period I was the heaviest I’d ever been 94 kilos and not a an abdominal muscle in sight.

The catalyst for me was waking up one morning, looking at myself in the mirror and legit thinking how the hell did this happen? The lockdown in Melbourne was brutal. The gyms closed and what I thought would be a couple weeks off turned into 6 months of eating Polish deserts with my ex girlfriend. This coupled with no exercise I can assure you is enough to turn anyone into a sloppy rigged beta male.

That’s when the penny dropped. It was just before the new year, now single with a lot more time on my hands I thought. “How far can I push myself…? I’m a long way from where I used to be, from where I’m at right now. Is it even possible?”

I flipped a switch. I got up the next day and decided I would take control of my mind, I wasn’t fit, I didn’t have any muscle tone or abs to speak of anymore. But I’m also an extremist at my core and once I set my mind to something I go all in. So that’s what I did. Day 1) I strapped on my runners got less than a kilometre out the door. Leant up against a tree heaving for air. The little voice in my head echoed “go home man, you’re nowhere” so that’s exactly what I did.

Got back inside my house, sat on the edge of my bed. Kicked my runners off, laid back. And stared at the ceiling. This would be a long road I thought. Where is that demon Loney? The athlete Loney? The Loney that once almost clocked the beep test. A shadow of my former self I vowed to never let that little voice get in my way again. Every single day thereafter, rain, hail, sunshine I was out there running. Training, fuelling my body with good healthy foods and every single day that voice would creep into my head. I set myself a task in all my training sessions and ensured that no matter how bad I felt I wouldn’t stop when I was tired I’d stop when I was done.I didn’t pay too much attention to the scales during this process. I didn’t want to weigh myself everyday. But after a couple months. I’d gone from struggling to run a kilometre to crunching 7km a day easily. Everything became autonomous. During the winter it would be pelting down with rain and I’d throw on a spray jacket and be the only guy on the track. Cars driving past looking on like I was insane. There was no doubt I’d become passionate about getting the best out of myself again. I found that demon again.94 kilos to 78 in 3 months.

My program consisted of a typical 3 day split.

Chest / tris
Back / bies
Legs / shoulders

5km run a day.

10 - 20 minutes within a weighted skipping rope.

Boxing 3 times a week mostly pad work and light sparring.

For my abs specifically I would ensure that before every session I’d do 4 sets of pushups till failure super setted with bicycles, abs wheel, plated V ups with 10 kilo plate, leg raises and a 1 minute bridge.

That was the only ab stuff I did. Now for me it’s all about maintaining. My metabolism is firing now so my body has become more efficient at burning fat. I still have fun, drink with my friends every now and then but I refuse to let the voice in my head stop me from training. Diet and consistency is a big part of it but the key lies in mastering your mind and not making excuses. Everyone has the potential to be the best versions of themselves physically; all that’s required is discipline and accountability

Fake it till you make it seems to be an applicable quote here. In my mind I was shredded and the best version of myself physically long before the mirror confirmed that fact.”

Check out Elliot's Instagram at @elliot_loney and website at elliotloney.com!