Justin Resnick Fitness / Ab Training

Justin Resnick Fitness / Ab Training

Avery Tarasov

Justin Resnick is totally crushing at the gym and has achieved an amazing ripped physique.  His look is completely natural and founded on hard work and dedication to being consistent and well-disciplined in both diet and performing meaningful "weighted" ab exercises.

Justin and I are both in agreement that weighted ab exercises are the most beneficial to tearing down the muscle quickly while also ensuring the 6 pack / v-line really pop out.  He believes abs should not be trained better and that it is most important to pick a weekday to just totally crush them and make sure you are very soar... not being soar is a sign you didn't train hard enough.  More details on his ab philosophies are here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CEAS2pipgjk/

Here are some more examples of his crushing 🐺💪🏻Ripped Wolf Lord🌒🙏 physique:

ABSolutely zero weaknesses in these abs, well trained as seen by the huge v-line, and phenomenal development in the middle / upper sections as well.. exactly what you want for your beach physique here!!  Amazing work.

Be sure to check out his instagram and his awesome content – https://www.instagram.com/rez_olutions/